Moo’ving Roozen; the story

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The world’s most famous public art event, CowParade, is coming to Margaret River in 2010 and Roozen is moov’ing in on the action.

If you’ve not ‘herd’ about the CowParade, it’s not what you think.  Heaps of dairy farmers parading their cows down the main street…..oh no sir’ee… … it’s an annual international art event where around 100 talented artists will have the opportunity to transform a life-sized fibreglass cow into ‘moo’ving’ pieces of art. Once completed, the cows will graze on public display at iconic attractions and local businesses throughout the Margaret River region from March through to June 2010.

While CowParade has been held in over 50 cities around the world including ‘udderly’ fabulous destinations such as Paris, Tokyo, London and New York, each event is unique. The cow sculptures do not change from event to event, but local artists are challenged by the works of previous CowParade artists and inspired by their own cultural contexts and personal vision of what a cow should look like. Margaret River is renowned as a mecca for talented artists and creative people which is why CowParade Margaret River 2010 is expected to be very moo’ving! At the end of the event cows will be auctioned off at the end of the event to raise money for charities and regional projects. Of course, Roozen couldn’t help himself and over several vino’s he brainstormed numerous quirky ideas for his artwork.  Now remember the art pieces are being viewed by kiddies too, so some of the ideas didn’t get a guernsey and after many more evenings enjoying Margaret River’s most precious resource (wine), Rump on a Stump gets the thumbs up! Without a paintbrush in sight, the beautiful canvas was quickly butchered by a chainsaw and the artworks began … … watch this space. Make sure you head down to the Margaret River region to check it out. Looking for accommodation in Margaret River?  Check out Ron’s beach house accommodation, mention this blog and we’ll give you a 10% discount. Leave BLOG > return to The Roozen Residence – Luxury beach house Accommodation, Margaret River