Cow kidnapped by hoons

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Early morning Margaret River coffee drinkers who headed down to the White Elephant for their regular latte were no doubt giggling when they were greeted by a cow grazing on the pontoon in the bay at Gnarabup!

Believe it or not, overnight, some plonkers managed to steal the cow from its home at Margaret’s Beach Resort, carry it down to the boat ramp and float it out to the Rotary pontoon for a memorable and moo’ving Margaret River overnight getaway.

Cow Kidnapped and Rescued

Scene two, enter Margaret River Rotarians who coincidently arrived at the boat ramp this morning to retrieve the pontoon for winter, only to be greeted by a cow and a seriously banged up Range Rover precariously half hanging off the boat ramp, covered in seaweed, with 4 flat tyres and an empty packet of No-Dose.  Mmmm, very bright hoons these ones!

The unknown hoons sheepishly arrived mid morning to attempt to retrieve their trashed car in front of a packed White Elephant audience.  How humiliating!   Not so cool now, hey?

The question remains on everyone’s lips:   Were the same tossers responsible for kidnapping the cow and gazumped by a wave on the boat ramp for their troubles, or are the kidnappers still at large?  Or is it simply, skulduggery at its best?

The cow (one of 86 artistic bovines grazing around the Margaret River region as part of the international art event Cow Parade) was returned to its rightful owners.

The Rotary pontoon has been taken away for another year and after watching the recovery mission we enjoyed a sensational breakfast at the White Elephant Beach Cafe.