Recommended Tours

A winery tour is essential for any trip to the Margaret River Wine Region.  For the discerning wine connoisseur, the pleasure of being escorted to the area’s premium wineries and the option of a delightful lunch at one of the many prestigious eateries is characteristic of the area.

There are a number of local companies who provide guided winery tours; varying from casual and relaxed to first-class style.   If you are looking for an expert wine guide, Lifestyle Margaret River would be our first choice.  Nola really knows her wines and has great connections, fostering strong relationships with the region’s best winemakers over the past 15 years.

Tour companies also offer scenic tours with unique cultural experiences and guided eco-tours.

The Margaret River Discovery Company offers a selection of flexible day tour options designed to discover people and places you would not find on your own.   Owner/operator, Sean will reveal some hidden secrets, open a few closed gates and show you how much more there is to the Margaret River wine region than wine!

For the ultimate whale watching experience, Steep Point is the newest, biggest and most luxurious whale watching boat.  The season operates June to August in Augusta and September to October from Busselton.  Both ports are easily accessible, just an 1/2 hour drive from The Roozen Residence.

Margaret River Discovery Tour

Image courtesy of Margaret River Discovery.