Whale Watching in Margaret River: An Adventure you will never forget

Whale Watching in Margaret River: An Adventure you will never forget


Margaret River, located in Western Australia, is not only known for its world-class wineries and stunning beaches but also for offering incredible opportunities for whale watching. A once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the magnificent giants of the ocean, the Margaret River region is one of the best places in Western Australia to witness these incredible majestic creatures up close.

An estimated 35,000 whales annually migrate from the Antarctic to warmer waters, with their first port of call, the protected waters of Flinders Bay, Augusta.

Augusta is one of the few places where you'll see the southern right and humpback whales interact. Humpbacks, renowned for their agility, gather in groups of males and engage in breaching, spy-hopping and tail-slapping in an awesome attempt to attract a mate. Southern right whales will often calve in the bay and sometimes can be seen doing so in the shallows.

“When we least expect it, we’ve spotted dozens of frolicking whales playing in the ocean straight in front of the beach house. "It's quite surreal, looking up and seeing these magnificent playful creatures!" The whales follow the coastline reasonably close to shore and whilst there are no guarantees, it is likely that guests staying at the Roozen Residence will see the majestic creatures.”

Karen, Roozen Residence
Margaret River Luxury Accommodation

Whilst you can see whales from shore to make the most of your whale watching adventure it is recommended to book a tour with one of the top tour operators in the region. These operators have experienced guides who provide valuable insights into the behavior and characteristics of the whales.

Throughout the season whale watching tours depart from the marina at Augusta Boat Harbour (a scenic 30 mintue drive south from Margaret River) and from Quindalup Beach in Dunsborough (a 40 minute drive north).

Whale spy hopping in waters off Augusta

The best time of year to whale watch in the Margaret River region is typically from June to December. During this period, these majestic creatures undertake their annual migration from the Antarctic waters to the warmer breeding grounds up north before returning home with their calves.

These gentle giants frolic along the coast of Margaret River, offering visitors a unique opportunity to witness their awe-inspiring journey.

The peak whale watching season usually falls between September and November, when the whale numbers are at their highest.

Best viewpoints for whale watching in Margaret River

You can watch the action unfold from various vantage points along the coast, from the top of a lighthouse, along the clifftops on the Cape to Cape Track and even from the balcony of your luxury Margaret River accommodation, The Roozen Residence.

Some of the best land-based viewpoints for whale watching in Margaret River include:

Cape Leeuwin and Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

Situated at the southwestern tip of Australia, Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse offers a spectacular vantage point to observe whales either from land or the top of the lighthouse where you will also enjoy breathtaking views of the Indian and Southern Oceans.

Cape to Cape Track

It is likely that hikers on the Cape to Cape track during migration season will spot whales frolicking in the ocean as they traverse the coastal track, so keep an eye out.

Willyabrup Cliffs

Standing on the cliffs overlooking the Indian Ocean, you can observe these magnificent giants gracefully gliding through the water.

Surfers Point, Margaret River

Just a few hundred metres from the Roozen Residence, visitors can not only view these massive creatures' breach and fluke, you will also witness experienced surfers ride the big waves at this internationally acclaimed surf break.

The Roozen Residence

It's not often you get to see a whale while your standing in your lounge room! These are the comments from recent guests from Singapore who stayed at the Roozen Residence, Margaret River.

"We had a wonderful time at The Roozen Residence. The property itself is beautiful and the views were fantastic - we even saw a whale out of our window!

Beth, Singapore via Tripadvisor

"Total 5 star luxury and indulgent ocean views.  Watched whales breaching from the living room and enjoyed incredible wines from local wineries."

Venture456135 via Tripadvisor

Cape Naturaliste lookout

Finally, if you're looking to have a spectacular whale watching experience, head north to Cape Naturaliste and the boardwalks at Cape Naturaliste's lighthouse.

The breathtaking views combined with the chance to encounter these incredible marine animals make whale watching in Margaret River an experience like no other.

Best Whale Watching Tours in Margaret River

When staying in Margaret River, whale watching tours are not far away.

Here are the top whale watching charters in Margaret River departing from Augusta Boat Harbour (30 minute scenic drive south from The Roozen Residence) and Dunsborough (40 minute scenic drive north).

Whale Watch Western Australia

Known for their exceptional whale watching tours, Whale Watch Western Australia operates from Augusta and offers thrilling encounters with humpback and southern right whales.  (Image above courtesy Whale Watch WA).

Naturaliste Charters

Naturaliste Charters, based in nearby Dunsborough, is another excellent choice for whale watching in the Margaret River region. They offer tours that allow visitors to see whales up close and capture incredible photographs of these majestic creatures.

All Sea Charters

All Sea Charters operate whale watching tours from Augusta. They provide comfortable and informative cruises, allowing visitors to witness the incredible journey of the whales in the region. ( Image below courtesy of All Sea Charters).

Legend Charters

Legend Charters offers whale watching cruises from Augusta. Their experienced crew ensures an unforgettable wildlife encounter.

Please note that availability may vary depending on the season and weather conditions. It is always recommended to check with the operators directly for the most up-to-date information.

Close up of humpback whale underwater

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