Best Price Guarantee

Once upon a time the big multinational companies ripped off the poor unsuspected traveller, ruining their holiday ... Check out this news story which reveals some shocking events.

People in the travel industry will always tell you, it's best to book direct with any property.

Large international Online Travel Agents (OTA's) often double dip, by that I mean they charge the guest a booking fee as well as charging the property a hefty commission which is often added to the standard price.

Here's another scenario - OTA's charge a 20% + commission and then reduce their online rate to secure the booking (let's say it's 10% cheaper than the hotel's direct rate) and they still make 10%.

All's fair in the online world and yes, they market to millions of people and that's what the commission is for, but when the world goes into meltdown as it did in the Covid-19 crisis there's no one to speak to, your well earnt dollars are in the pockets of some multi-national conglomerate and it's hard to negotiate with a computer. Arrrrh!

The most phenomenal exploitation is revealed in this 7 News - How can they do that? The algorithms on their booking sites know when accommodation is heavily booked in a certain area and can exponentially increase their advertised rates, gouging money from you, the traveller, without the knowledge of the property as seen is this TV expose!

Morel of the story is 'It's always better to Book Direct'

Should you find it a better price online, contact the property and chat with real people - 99.9% of the time they will match it.

The Roozen Residence Margaret River beach house offers the Best Rate - Guaranteed - Book direct and save!