The Best Food and Wine Matching Experiences in Margaret River



Margaret River, nestled in the heart of Western Australia, is renowned not only for its breathtaking landscapes but also for its world-class wineries and culinary experiences. Among the plethora of vineyard restaurants dotting the region, a handful stand out for their exceptional food and wine pairings, offering a symphony of flavors that delight the senses. Let's embark on a gastronomic journey through Margaret River's best food and wine pairing vineyard restaurants, each promising an unforgettable experience.

Leeuwin Estate

Location: Stevens Road, Margaret River

Leeuwin Estate is synonymous with excellence in the Margaret River wine scene. Established in 1974, this iconic estate is celebrated for its award-winning wines and its commitment to showcasing the best of the region's produce. The restaurant at Leeuwin Estate offers a refined dining experience, with a menu designed to complement their exceptional wines.

Food and Wine Pairing: The culinary team at Leeuwin Estate crafts dishes that harmonize perfectly with their wines, creating an unforgettable dining experience. There are two menus on offer, three courses expertly paired with a selection of Leeuwin's current release wines or the best of Leeuwin, a quintessential fine dining experience with iconic museum wines.

Three course menu | $115
Wine pairing current release | $45

Six course menu | $150
Wine pairing current release | $70
Museum release $110

From delicate seafood dishes to succulent meats, each course is a celebration of local flavors, expertly paired to enhance the nuances of the wines.

Beautifully plated dessert at Leeuwin Estate Restaurant

Wills Domain

Location: Abbey Farm Road, Yallingup

Wills Domain is a family-owned winery that embodies the spirit of Margaret River's artisanal wine and food culture. Surrounded by rolling vineyards and breathtaking views, the restaurant at Wills Domain offers a contemporary dining experience that celebrates the region's bounty.

Food and Wine Pairing: The culinary team at Wills Domain draws inspiration from the land, crafting dishes that reflect the seasonality and freshness of the produce. Each dish is thoughtfully paired with Wills Domain's handcrafted wines, enhancing the flavors and textures on the palate.

Seven course menu | $179
Wine pairing | $75

Four course menu | $109
Wine pairing | $55

Two course menu | $85
Wine pairing | $35

From delicate seafood paired with their crisp Semillon to hearty lamb accompanied by fruity chocolate Shiraz, every bite is a testament to the dedication to quality and flavor at Will's Domain.

Artfully plated lobster floating in creamy sauce with crisp cracker balanced on top

Rustico at Hay Shed Hill

Location: Harmans Mill Road, Wilyabrup

Rustico at Hay Shed Hill offers a more relaxed dining experience without compromising on quality. Set within the Hay Shed Hill winery, this rustic-chic restaurant focuses on sharing plates that showcase the region's finest produce. With a menu designed for sharing, Rustico encourages guests to explore a variety of flavors with each dish.

Food and Wine Pairing:

Experience the flavors of Rustico with their Chef's Selection Menu, featuring a variety of shared plates paired with Hay Shed Hill's finest wines. With 10 different dishes over 5 shared courses, it really is the best value degustation in the South West

Five course tapas degustation menu | $85
Wine pairing | $49
Reserve wine pairing | $69
Non-alcoholic pairing | $49

Rustico promises a dining experience that is both relaxed and indulgent.

Tapas plates at Rustico, Hay Shed Hill.


Glenarty Road

Location: Glenarty Road, Karridale

Nestled amidst rolling hills and pristine countryside, Glenarty Road embodies the essence of Margaret River's rustic charm. This family-owned winery and farmstead are committed to sustainable practices and artisanal winemaking. The restaurant at Glenarty Road offers a farm-to-table dining experience, celebrating the region's bounty.

Food and Wine Pairing: Immerse yourself in the flavors of Glenarty Road with their Farm Feast menus, an honest and wholesome food and wine experience, fresh from our farm to your table.

Three course set menu | $95
Flight of three wines | $30

Five course set menu | $120
Flight of five wines | $45

Begin with a spread of our house-made farm charcuterie, raised with intention and cured with care. Follow with grass-fed meats, from top to tail and cooked over coals with sides of seasonal produce straight from the garden and all the trimmings.

Rustic bar and restaurant interior at Glenarty Road winery restaurant

Vasse Felix

Location: Caves Road, Cowaramup

Vasse Felix holds the distinction of being Margaret River's founding wine estate, with a history dating back to 1967. As one of the region's most revered wineries, Vasse Felix is renowned for its commitment to innovation and quality. The restaurant at Vasse Felix offers a modern Australian menu inspired by the estate's wines and surroundings.

Food and Wine Pairing: You can explore the culinary offerings of Vasse Felix choosing your own adventure with the a la carte menu or allow their acclaimed chefs to take you on a Margaret River culinary journey featuring a curated selection of dishes paired with Vasse Felix's award-winning wines.

Five course tasting menu | $115
Wine matching - Premier | $40
Wine matching - Icon | $65

Vasse Felix dining

Voyager Estate

Location: Stevens Road, Margaret River

Voyager Estate epitomizes luxury and sophistication, nestled amidst lush gardens and sprawling vineyards. Established in 1978, this family-owned estate is celebrated for its commitment to sustainable viticulture and winemaking excellence. The restaurant at Voyager Estate offers a refined dining experience, with a focus on showcasing the region's finest produce.

Food and Wine Pairing: Embark on a culinary journey at Voyager Estate with their signature 5 course degustation paired with Voyager's premium wines.

Five course degustation menu | $150
Wine flight | $40
Wine pairing | $80

Delight in dishes such as marron, mulberry and Geraldton wax, harmonized with Voyager's Semillon and lamb, zuchinni, goat's cheese, accompanied by Voyager's elegant Cabernet Sauvignon.


Margaret River's top food and wine pairing vineyard restaurants offer more than just a meal; they offer an experience that celebrates the essence of the region.

Whether you're savoring the elegance of Leeuwin or Voyager Estate, exploring the flavors of Rustico at Hay Shed Hill, the refined offering of Vasse Felix and Wills Domain or the farm-to-table cuisine at Glenarty Road, each establishment promises a culinary journey that is as memorable as it is delicious.

So, raise a glass and savor the flavors of Margaret River's finest.

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